Every bike brand has its beginnings and history. Some companies started in garages or basements and with little or no resources. The story of Montecci Bikes is not much different. we started the idea in 2008 with the intent to get affordable carbon fiber bikes to consumers.  New brands have lots of challenges, one of them is making the consumers believe in the brand, people buy bicycles for   tradition so we embark our brand to follow the same pattern as other older brand has done. Since day one we focus not only  in selling bikes but in  building a bicycle brand with the consistency and the quality that it takes to build it for future generations.



Montecci Bikes is a New York based bicycle company specialized in developing different bicycles to all type of users. We started in 2009 selling carbon fiber frames to local riders and competition cyclist then we developed the Montecci Folding Bicycle . The brand got popular in the city because of the quality and the designs. The Company is own by avid cyclist Gustavo Henry Francisco. Gustavo rides the city and interview Montecci clients in a weekly bases to see the developing and get a live review of the bike on site.



Santo Domingo. De sus sueños infantiles en su bicicleta BMX en la Ciudad Colonial, Gustavo Enrique Francisco pasó a una dura realidad de adulto en Nueva York, cuando emigró con su hermana y su madre en 1993. Nada era igual y nunca lo fue, pero los sueños siempre regresan, y con un esfuerzo pueden hacerse realidad.  “Cuando niño era una aventura, luego un hobby y ahora es una pasión”, así define Gustavo, mejor conocido como Henry su vinculación al ciclismo, pasión que lo llevó a crear su propia marca de bicicletas en el 2009: Montecci, una marca que ya es reconocida en Nueva York y cruza fronteras a México y Canadá.